Excalibur has been providing services to the growth and energy sector since 2019. Our consistent industry leadership is trusted by many users in commercial and agricultural fields, and now we are introducing safety equipment and workwear. Safety equipment protects the wearer’s body from injury and minimizes exposure to hazards. Our mission is to provide an array of protection products because every human being deserves to feel safe.

PPE Products

We provide an array of protection products and follow high standards for manufacturing them to meet the safety needs of our users. Our PPE products are suitable for every industry and are manufactured through a sustainability framework. We are committed to improving your lives by providing the best quality of products. Contact us If you need the best safety solutions.

How to build your own Respirator

Due to COVID-19, people are requested to protect themselves by wearing a mask whenever they leave their house. We all know that a medical mask is not a reliable source of protection against the virus and does not filter off the exhaled air, which creates moisture and gives birth to microorganisms. You can now build your respirator at home, which can be made by everyday items. Here are some links to help you build a mask at the comfort of your home: