Game-Changing Technology

Our technology delivers high efficiency and lowers energy costs by taking full advantage of distributed energy. While it sounds complex, distributed energy means that energy is created and stored by the unit attached to your home or business-connected to, but not reliant on the grid.

Current Technology: Only about 33% of the energy originally produced at the source (e.g., coal or natural gas) reaches the consumer. The balance is simply unused, and the beneficial heat is lost and dissipates into the atmosphere. This is both wasteful and inefficient.

Excalibur Metrix Technology: Comparatively, Excalibur Metrix’s technology can capture between 85-90% of originally sourced energy for use by the consumer. Our units don’t let the heat dissipate – they keep the excess heat generated within the system and use the heat for space heating or heating water. That’s smart and efficient.


Feeling Trapped by High Energy Costs?

Many energy customers long for ways to reduce their energy bills and often turn to solar power as a means to offset the cost. Consumers are trapped in an old model where they have little choice but to pay the high cost of electricity to their local utility. Imagine if you could reduce your energy costs to a fraction of the norm by using flexible clean, reliable technology.

Excalibur’s commercial and residential units do that. The units use a proprietary and patented technology that:

• Puts you in control of energy decisions
• Lowers your energy bill
• Benefits the environment by being up to three times more efficient than your centralized electricity grid


Runs your AC and cooling
system 24/7.


Utilizes heat generated by the system for space and water heating.


Resiliency (no brownouts or blackouts) Excess electricity may be sold back to the grid