The Excalibur Metrix Story

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Excalibur Metrix, LLC., is revolutionizing how energy is produced, consumed, and distributed.

Excalibur Metrix, Inc, was founded by Earl Ameen in June of 2019.  Earl saw an incredible opportunity to harness the yet untapped potential of combined heating and power (CHP+) technology here in the United States and around the world.

Based on testing and data analysis of prototype units, the evidence showed that CHP+ technology would quickly benefit both businesses and residences by lowering monthly energy costs through savings on power, heating, and cooling systems.

It was soon realized that the effect of Excalibur Metrix’s technology was more than cost savings for its customers. However, it provides access to resilient, clean, and efficient energy for use in markets in virtually any country.  For example, in developing countries, even basic functions that are taken for granted, such as light after sunset, heat for cooking or boiling water, is either non-existent or simply unaffordable.

The team at Excalibur Metrix understands that its technology will improve the lives of those needing access and impact the dignity of those who have suffered a catastrophe.




Powering Humanity – The Inspiration Behind Our Vision and Mission


To lead the advancement and proliferation of resilient, cost-effective, and energy-efficient technologies that honor and preserve the dignity of life for
current and future generations.


To be the global leader in the innovation of micro-grid energy production, consumption, purchasing, and distribution.