Customers benefit from our firm commitment to the highest levels of service

Before Purchase

Cost-Benefit Analysis

We will provide you with a detailed Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) based on your existing energy costs and profile. The CBA will accurately assess the number of units required and the amount of savings that you will enjoy.


 With these savings, we can show you how quickly the unit pays for itself–often within just a few years.

Onsite Visit

Engineers will come to your location to determine how best to install and configure your units based on your structure’s unique needs and requirements.

After Purchase


Our team of highly trained and certified professionals will install your unit and ensure it operates efficiently and effectively.

Service and maintenance

Like current heating and cooling technology, the Xgen units require periodic service. What makes us unique is the smart technology embedded in the unit that tells us when a service call is needed. We will promptly contact you to schedule a service call.

Certified Services

Our Certified Services (EMCS) representatives will provide you with assistance and answer any questions you may have.